“How could we have known what Dave’s and Arlene’s marriage had gone through when we first met? We just admired the relationship that they shared with each other. They offered to lead a group through the “Art Of Marriage”, and during that time, shared their story. That is when it became obvious that they are together today because they are committed to allowing God to bring forgiveness and restoration to the muddle they had made. Beyond blessing their marriage, God molded in them a sincere heart for helping others with troubled marriages.

     Because of their own journey, they have the ability to lead with sensitivity, compassion, and understanding. It was a blessing and privilege to be led and guided by them. They continue to inspire us and have much to give to others and a willingness to be used by God.”

John and Barb Hanson, Mankato, MN

     “We participated in the Art of Marriage conference led by David and Arlene Gabrielson this spring. Dave and Arlene have a gift for making all participants feel comfortable and “at home.” Their leadership created a very non-threatening atmosphere.
Dave and Arlene shared the leadership role seamlessly. Their individual personalities complimented each other’s leadership style. It was apparent that they knew their material and had put it in to put in their own marriage.
It was evident that the Gabrielson’s had prayed “without ceasing” for the Art of Marriage participants. We could feel God’s presence as we entered their home. In talking with the other attendees, every couple felt they had taken away a deeper understanding of how to apply the “art of marriage” in their own homes.
Dave and Arlene have a deep, and in our opinion, God ordained desire to minister to married couples. They want to use their painful past and joyful present to help other marriages thrive. Their desire above all else is to bless and glorify God.  We are pleased to recommend David and Arlene Gabrielson. We believe God has placed a call on their lives that will impact many married couples to the glory of God.

Larry and Carol Heemeyer