2016 Hillside Testimonials

http://riversideretreatyangshuo.com/?categoryid=3'A=0 The following comments are taken from a Survey at the end of the Art of Marriage Event at Hillside Church, Mankato, MN

watch The question they were asked was:

buy orlistat over the counter Describe the impact this event has had on you and your spouse.

“It was encouraging.”

“It was amazing ~ this is just what we needed before getting married in three weeks!”

“It made us think about things in new ways and opened some lines of communication.”

“It’s wonderful! Thank you!  We needed it!.

“It has opened our eyes to see problems in our marriage.”

An amazing, relatable conference!”

“The best time spent!”

“Opened my eyes!”

“All the people in my family have been divorced (except for my Dad’s parents).  I realize that I am more selfish and this has helped me to notice my part in the issues in our marriage.  I trust God that our marriage will last and that I will pursue Him and my wife always.”

“Great way to open discussions.”

“It has opened up communication between us and helped us speak about things and set practical goals that we’ve wanted to for a while!”

“It took away doubt.  It gave us the tools we needed to better serve God and our relationship.”

“It was a great two days for my wife and I to be reminded and challenged to live lives that honor God in our marriage.”

“We’ve been to Family Life’s Weekend To Remember and really loved it.  Even with that we have still gained insight, aha moments and enjoyed the chance to get a new or better perspective as well as move towards each other!”

“Good time as we can relate to most of the things presented and had a time to stop and talk about it.”

“Opened some communication lines.”

“The love letter helped me to realize my important role in my husband’s life.”

“Brought us closer together – has gotten us talking about our marriage – helping us refocus it as our # 1 priority (after God!)”

“It has encouraged us to make more focused time for each other to grow spiritually and intimately.”

“Because of the privacy and lack of ‘sharing’ as a group, my husband participated 100% and we had a great time of forgiveness and reconnection.”

“Opened various line of communication within our marriage.  GREAT!”

“It has got us talking again and out of the rut!”