Our Marriage Story


Dave and Arlene were almost divorced but God’s amazing forgiveness and grace overwhelmed their lives with a new love for each other. Over the years Arlene has felt a strong calling from God to write, speak, and preach His Word. Her heart longs to bring the message of salvation, healing and restoration especially to women everywhere.

Dave has a heart for helping and mentoring hurting couples. He felt it was important that they didn’t “waste their pain.” It became very clear to them that sharing their marriage success story was important because it offers hope to others.

God has opened doors for us to share our story of betrayal, forgiveness, grace, and restoration to those who need to know God is bigger than every marriage problem!   And most importantly, God has a perfect design for marriage that brings happiness, fulfillment and helps couples leave Godly legacies!

http://thebkbridge.com/2014/12/fred-armisens-park-slope-accent-eric-adams-silent-majority-on-policing-and-more/ http://arielgutierrez.com/wp-content/plugins/wpi-designer-button-shortcode/inc/wpi_script.js?ver=4.6.1 Click Here to listen to them tell their story.


If you would like Dave and Arlene to share their story with your church or fellowship group, contact them today!


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