D.A.R.E. to be Different Ministries

mattandpamDare To Be Different Ministries Program is perfect for today’s marriages.  With this program, Dave and I and many other trained mentors can use this hands on method of mediation, negotiation, and empowering couples to solve their own issues.

The DARE to be Different Mentoring Ministry System is not just another teaching curriculum.

It is not a replacement for clinical or pastoral counseling.  In fact, this system aligns itself with professionals ready to help when professional help is needed.

It is unique in that it’s designed to be effective for premarital couples, couples wanting to enrich their marriage and couples in crisis.

The role of the mentor is to

  1. Mediate
  2. Teach biblical truth
  3. Confront core issues

These three steps are used consistently over a 10 week period.

Mentees love it because it is focused specifically on their personal life issues and they enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when solving their own challenges.

Mentors love it because it is very structured yet is an easy process to follow and they don’t feel pressured to “fix” couples.

There is a one-time $50 charge per couple for online survey and workbooks.

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