2018 Hillside Testimonials

http://leftovers.recipes/tag/basil/page/1/ The following comments are taken from a Survey at the end of the 2018 Art of Marriage Event at Hillside Church, Mankato, MN

isotretinoin online pharmacy The question they were asked was:

source link Describe the impact this event has had on you and your spouse.

“Working on a better life with my love.”

“A major impact. My wife and I have been working on a bunch of things.  I was surprised by some of the issues presented and deeply impacted by what was presented.”

“This event showed the reality of marriage and how God wants it.”

“Great incite and instruction.”

“The videos presented depicted many struggles that couples are challenged by. You can see yourself easily and also see the potential outcome if you work together on marriage.”

“Very positive – good reminders, but also new content to digest.”

“This has been a wonderful experience. I look forward to going through the book in more depth with my spouse.”

“Able to talk about some “no talk” issues.”

“As a single, who has never been married, I greatly appreciate the opportunity of being able to come to this weekend and learn what it takes to contribute to make a healthy relationship/marriage.”

“Very challenging because it forced us to talk about issues we normally avoid.”

“We are currently rebuilding our marriage. This has been great to refocus.”

“A lot of good reminders and ways to make our marriage more closely correlated with God.”

“Hopefully helps us grow and move forward.”

“Eye opener.”

“Made me think about things differently, brought in a new light and appreciation.”

“Gave us some great material to help us better ourselves as individuals.”

“We were long overdue to invest in our marriage. Thank you for being faithful to the call to hold this event.  I pray that God will use this event to radically change our marriage to God’s glory.  We have lot of work to do with God’s help.”

“It was wonderful! It is helping us communicate more.”

“It will help me dedicate more attention to my wife.”

“My wife and I experienced deep healing in our 19-year marriage. Praise God and thank you too!”

“My wife and I attended 3 or 4 years age. It was a blessing for a refresher and to see how far we have come as a couple in the short time frame.  God is good.”

“More willing to invest in my marriage with some tools.”

“Understanding the roles of husbands and wives.”

“Point us in a new, positive direction for our marriage.”

“It was a lot of fun and let us discuss things we may not have otherwise.”

“It has sparked some good conversation that will continue this week. We have a better understanding of our marriage and issues we may face.”

“We are now able to better understand where conflict lies in our relationship and we’ve grown intimate.”

“Topics we struggle with had applicable content we could discuss with one another and apply right away to our marriage.”

“We have been able to connect throughout the class.”

“Helped begin some deep needed healing.”

“Very informative and good reminders in marriage.”

“Opened my eyes to new thoughts.”

“This was a great weekend to focus on our relationship.”

“Made us talk about things, showed us the good and bad.”

“Thought provoking and a good introduction and preparation.”

“It has made me see my relationship in a new light and renewed my commitment to him.”

“Encouraged us to make Christ the center of our marriage.”

“Made me think about to really open up with my spouse.”

“Made me realize that I am not living or treating my wife the way I should be.”

“We have been struggling in our marriage and this is helping us figure out how to get back on track. I think it is helping open-up previously shut down conversations.”

“It was a really good impact for both of us.”

“Got us talking about issues in a compassionate and loving way.”

“Created a lot of thoughts and conversations.”

“Enabled us to talk about a couple of things we’ve been hanging on to. Reaffirmed the love we have for each other.”

“Great content to prepare me for what likes ahead if I’m fortunate enough to get married.”

“A solid base to help with basing future decisions on.”

“I did this 4 years ago. It was good then and it was better now.”

“My husband and I were able to relate to a lot of the content presented in the video.”